You always stand in front of a mirror to think your hair up and try out different hair styles to see what it will be like when having different human hair styles. 


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Confident with short hair


You ought to get a cut that would make you feel extra happy and confident, but whether it commemorates your appearance or not. Your cut ought to depend on your personal preferences.


You can look at the photos with the same face shape as you and browse images with your face shape. Furthermore, think what kind of haircuts that the people in those photos have, and whether you will like to have your natural hair cut like that or not.






If you found one that you like very much, prints out the photo and take it to the hairstylist.


Talk it to the hairstylist. If you have a difficult time to research what hairstyle you like, set up a meeting with a hairstylist to help you to make your choice.




Look at the photos with the same face shape as you


Think how long you are willing to put into your hairstyle. Remember that for the short hair, you will have to cut them every 3 or 4 weeks to have its length. About longer hair can go up to 6 to 8 weeks without a beautiful, but special attention has to be paid to avoid split ends and heat loss.


Now that you have research face shape, hair texture, care and facial features, and choose a human hair hairstyle you think will bring all of these aspects together.


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