How do you think about stacked side braid natural hairstyles? I am sure that these things I would say below will help you. Hopefully, it would helpful for you if you have struggled with fishtail. 
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You should try stacked side braid hairstyles
Items that you need: Rat-tail comb, brush, bobby pin, small hair elastics, hairspray.
Time requirement: 5 or 10 minutes
Skill level: medium
Instructions to have stacked side braid natural hairstyles.
1.    Firstly, you should bring your natural hair over one shoulder to the front.
2.    Picking up a section of natural hair from the back and underneath and then clipping it out of the way.
3.   After that, you should take the rest of your natural hair and divide them into 2 sections.
4.    You are willing to begin a fishtail braid. 
Look great with this natural hairstyles
5.    Braiding all the way down until when you run out of your natural hair.
6.    Going back and loosen your braid to give it a beautifully full and thick look.
7.    Securing your braid with small clear elastic.
8.    After that, you should go back to the small section of the natural hair you clipped out of the way, then divide it into three pieces and create a 3 strand braid all the way down.  Then you should pull and loosen your braid a bit.
9.    Laying your 3 strand braid down the middle and also on top of your fishtail braid to secure both ends together with small clear elastic.  You may remove the elastic that you used on the fishtail before.
10.    In order to attach the 3 strand to the fishtail, you should take a couple of bobby pins and then secure them together from the back of the fishtail.
11.    It is a little simpler to hide the bobby pins by starting from the back.  Then, threading it through up and then down.
12.    In case you have any side natural hair which fell out (from the weak side) just roll them back and pin.
13.    That's all and you are having a beautiful natural hairstyle.