With the following essential caring guide, you can not only maintain the beauty and softness of your remy hair extensions, but also create new various styles on it without afraid of damaging the hair.

Regular cleaning instructions

Remy hair extensions cannot receive the natural oils from scalp like your natural hair. That is the reason why remy hair needs extra care in washing, to  make sure that they will not be dried. Generally, this type of hair should be cleaned and conditioned each 3 to 4 days.

What you need to prepare:

• Low pH, High moisturizing conditioner and shampoo 

• Soft bristle hairbrush

• Comb


High moisturizing conditioner used for remy hair extensions - vietnam virgin hair

How to clean:

1. Brush the hair thoroughly before washing in order to remove knots or tangles. Do from the bottom and work gently to the top. Remember to be careful, to avoiding pulling on the hair.

2. Make the hair wet

3. Apply conditioner to remy hair extensions before washing to maintain the moisture levels. Do not rinse it.

4. Apply shampoo (from the top of conditioned hair extensions), then wash gently.

5. Rinse it thoroughly.

6. Apply the moisturizing conditioner.

7. Rinse it thoroughly.

8. Wrap the hair in a towel, then let the towel absorb moisture. Do not rub the towel through to dry hair.

9. Comb carefully to remove any knots or tangles that can be formed while washing.

10. Let hair dry naturally. Never sleep while hair is wet to avoid tangles.


Cleaning remy hair extensions after swimming

In swimming pools and ocean, the chlorine and salt can damage the hair. To remain its beauty, you need to wash hair carefully after going swimming.

What you need to prepare:

• High moisturizing conditioner

• Hair wrap

• Towel

How to clean:

1. The most important to-do thing after swimming is cleaning the hair immediately to remove all harmful chemicals, such as chlorine and salt.

2. Rinse the hair thoroughly. If needed, you can wash hair according to the instructions above.


You should rinse remy hair extensions thoroughly to remove all chemicals - natural vietnam hair

3. Let hair dry naturally

4. If hair gets dry, do as the following steps:

  • Apply conditioner with high moisture to hair
  • Wrap hair in a warm and moist towel.
  • Keep the conditioner on hair for about 10 to 30 minutes.
  • Then rinse as normal.

We hope that with these instructions, your remy hair extensions can always silky and nice when being worn.

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