Summers with lots of out-door activities, especially swimming but some chemicals like chlorine in pools can influence negatively on human hair as well as make it weaker and weaker everyday. Therefore, you now should find the useful ways to protect your hair from the water environment as soon as possible.

1. Wear a cap

You can ensure that your hair is very strong but it can be easily tangled under the water, especially in the pool for hours. A swiming cap can keep your hair dry in the water and avoid negative effects from chlorine or salt which is considered as human hair’s enemy.

2. Use hair nutrients beforehand

Pools harm your hair because of chemicals added into water, so you can create a barrier between hair cuticles and the toxic elements by using hair nutrients such as natural oil or conditioners. Those “vitamin” will help seal human hair and make it more powerful to contaminants.


3. Tie your hair 

Tying hair up plays an important role in preparing before swimming no matter how long your hair is. You can pin back medium to short length hair with barrettes. About long length hair, you have many choices from ponytail or bun to braid which belongs to one of the best solutions for hair.



4. Say “NO SHAMPOO” 

One more useful tip for protecting human hair under the water is keeping away from any types of shampoo before swimming. It is explained that shampooing can help your hair more susceptible in chemically treated water in most pools.


5. Wet hair prior to swimming

Freshwater cannot only make human hair silkier after you enjoy all day in the sea, but also protect your hair before you are under the water. Wetting your hair prior to hopping in the pool brings a lot of benefits like hair nutrient utilization.

In sum, the above tips can support you in effectively protecting your hair while swimming. However, it is more efficient for you to take into account some other relating factors such as your swimming purposes or swimming time length.

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