Keeping your hair color last longer is a year-round job. Many factors can contribute to destroy your processed hair, no matter the season — but summer is a most harmful reason. Don’t afraid, there are some effective ways to make sure your human hair color stays longer. 


5 Effective Ways To Keep Human Hair Color From Fading In The Summer



Avoiding the UV rays should be the first thing to do to protect color processed hair


1. Avoiding the UV rays. The sun's rays which have UV light can lead to the breakdown of human processed hair's matrix and making hair dry, brittle and hard to style. To prevent processed hair from turning dry and orange under the sun you must wear a sun protecting hair product every time you get out or using wide-brimmed hat. 



3. Coloring your hair in professional salon. One of the biggest misunderstandings that women make when dyeing their hair is that they do it themselves. Human hair coloring is not an easy task. You don’t even know what kind of coloring product is not harmful to your color processed hair.  You’d better go to a competent place. Another big aberration when you dyeing your own hair is more difficult to achieve the color that they want because of all the previous colors may not fade as completely as when you do it in professional salon.


2. Prevent colored hair from water in beach or pool. As you know, shampoo has long been thought one of the main causes of  early fading, strands saturation with water alone can damage dyed hair. If your processed hair is ruined, it becomes bloated more easily when wet, making dye even more likely to fly. When going to the beach or pool you’d better always use a swimming cap or apply a deep conditioner right before you get into the pool to protect your hair.


4. Carefully using Heavy Styling Products. Some hair oils that you often use to soften your over-processed strands could have the converse effect. That's because these formulas of  these hair  oils often contain heavy ingredients like heavy silicons, that coat the outside cuticle layer of human hair. And when product reinforce, it can also draw dirt and particles from the air, all of which can result in color to look more dim.


5. Using Conditioner. Not only using a daily conditioner to keeping your color bright, but also using a hair mask, whatever your texture is, is crucial. Mancuso, one of the most famous hair stylist said "Once you strengthen your hair and get it as close to its virgin state as you can, the easier it's going to be to get the color that you want and the more choices you have in colors". It really helps the human hair gets some of its natural shine. Another essential product is just pure coconut oil. It is the easy way to have super healthy hair. It's great for the scalp.



Swimming make colored hair fade easily



We know we wouldn't purpose to spend much time and money to make your human hair color to a magnificent shade only to wreck it this summer. Many of your daily beauty habit—from having a bath to utilizing your hair products—may make a biggest mistake that destroy your dyed hair. Above are  all the things you should look out for to protect your hair color in this summer.


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